Eden Camp Virtual Tours

Our virtual school trip is not just a series of pictures. It is an interactive and immersive way to experience the exciting displays and information at Eden Camp Modern History Museum.

Here’s what you can expect from our virtual tour – it’s easy to find your way around with clear controls and hotspots for more information!

Come on in!

We’ve unlocked some of our hot spots so you can take a glimpse inside…

So, why choose our virtual trip?

  • Explore our fantastic museum from the comfort of the classroom (or home!)
  • Use sounds and videos to enhance your trip
  • All teachers go free!
  • Your school won’t miss out on a great educational alternative if you can’t travel
  • Get rid of your travel costs
  • Resources are included with your purchase
  • Exclusive deals and discounts from our shop and café coming soon!
  • Students can explore at their leisure or staff can lead the tour
  • Request material for your specific topic to use with your purchase

Explore behind closed doors…

Ever wondered what the Prefab looks like inside?

Now you can explore all rooms of the house with VIP access into our very own Prefab. With authentic furniture, household items, and décor, get the real feel for life in a prefabricated house!