Save Our Heritage

Before lock-down was imposed, being an office lady really brought out my character. With the friendly schoolteachers coming to visit, my colleagues (who mainly keep me sane), along with the delivery drivers whose cheery chat really brightens my day, my work is very enjoyable. With all this said, it really is the surroundings I work in that encourage me to carry on each day.

I had always visited Eden Camp as a little girl (from the age of five according to my mother); my interest in military history became prominent from there on and it was the delights of Eden Camp which really highlighted and sparked this interest. I always wanted to work here and now, I do! Funnily enough, and as cringy as it is, it’s sort of a dream come true. After studying both my BA and MA degrees at university and completing my placement in Eden Camp’s very own archive, I was offered a job. BUT.. This was just where I got started!

On a daily basis, I conduct usual office activities such as answering the phone, taking bookings, payments, replying to emails and organising our main office and reception area. I usually have the delights of recording memorabilia in the Archive and this really is the best part of the job. It is usually something which intrigues me and makes me think why history should be preserved, especially in our museum.

It is here people usually dive into an example of ‘a typical day at work’. Yet, I am not here to do that as there is no such thing at Eden Camp. I am here to ask for help.

Our museum needs you; Eden Camp needs you.

Without your help we will struggle to continue and tell the history of the 20th Century. We will lose sight of those who fought and struggled for the life we have today, and they deserve more than a fragment of our re-payments.

Eden Camp needs to live on.

After our founder, Stan Johnson, created this fantastic museum, his son Howard and daughter Paula vowed to keep his legacy, and the camp’s history alive, telling the stories that have been told to us over the last 30 years.

Please donate to our crisis fund and please share this with friends and family.
Eden Camp deserves to be known. Thank you.