Welcome to Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum : an award winning museum transporting you back to wartime Britain to experience the sights, sounds and smells of those dangerous years.

Set in the buildings and grounds of an original prisoner of war camp that held Italians and Germans, each reconstructed scene reveals the realities of day to day life on the Home Front and the Front Line, capturing the spirit, sacrifice and humour of our nation at war.

This unique family owned attraction, established as a museum over 33 years ago, is a great value, educational day out for all the family – including the dog!


Sadly, due to the coronavirus, Eden Camp has had to close its doors. Our famous living history weekends, special events and the unveiling of our new Blitz exhibition have had to be postponed. This is the first time the camp has been closed and has come as a huge blow to the business and its staff.

Due to the nature of our privately funded business, which doesn’t get any subsidies, grants or external funding, the forced closure has left us without an income for the time being, meaning we have to scrape the barrel. Even though the staff have been supported by the Government’s wages scheme and many costs cut, the Camp needs almost continuous power and maintenance. Alongside this we also have Eden Camp Heritage Restorations in which we work with a lot of volunteers who are now unable to assist. When we do re-open, we will inevitably run at a huge financial loss as we will be entering our quiet season following what should have been our busy summer season. The spring and summer usually have to provide us with an income for the winter, which is now virtually impossible to achieve. If we don’t take action now, Eden Camp might not be here next year.


Eden Camp Modern History Museum serves a purpose today. It’s of incredible educational value for visiting schools. It is a unique site with endless amounts of history, both from the camp itself, our local community and those who have kindly donated their own history to create what the museum is today. Our camp has survived World War Two and has had many lives after that, and surely must overcome this.

Please #SaveYourHeritage and support our camp. The funds we raise should allow us to keep the camp afloat and in good shape during closure. Once we reopen, the remainder should allow us to make ends meet and carry us through the next calm period. Internally, our directors are working tirelessly to cut costs as efficiently as possible. We have recently seen in our 33rd anniversary on Saturday 21st March 2020 and really want to make it to our 34th! Give what you can in the true spirit of a nation in crisis.
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In return for your support we offer all sorts of rewards which you can find below. We plan to keep the camp open virtually during this crisis with regular stories and reports on social media and our bi-weekly home activities on our brand-new website.
Please #SaveYourHeritage and pledge what you can.

Advanced & Season Tickets:

Standard admission tickets can be redeemed for up to 3 months following our re-opening.
Season Tickets are valid for 12 months following our re-opening.
Head to our website to find out more!


£1.50 – A digital copy of our brand new guidebook

£2.25 – Virtual cup of Traditional English Breakfast Tea

£3.75 – Virtual cup of Coffee & Cream

£4.50 – Virtual Bacon Breakfast Butty

£5 – Virtual Homemade Scone with jam, clotted cream and a cup of tea

£6 – Virtual tipple with Churchill

£8 – Evacuee Bear* – you can see their existing adventures here!

£20 – Receive an Eden Camp Hamper, including our Gift Book, a bottle of one of the camp’s famous smells, a bottle of Eden Camp’s own brew and a bag of traditional wartime sweets.*


£150 – Invitation to our “Liberation Party” for two – when the Camp reopens with a delicious 3-course lunch, a live 1940s musicale show and a variety of activities.*

£175 – Take a ride in one of our vehicles – choose from our Tilly, Jeep or our Fordson N Tractor.*

£200 – A behind the scenes tour of our museum for two – get exclusive access into our Pre-Fab house, and see behind the scenes of how we create the magic!*

*Please note: these rewards will be fulfilled once we have re-opened for safety and stock reasons.

This will help us enormously when meeting our financial commitments over the coming months. Coronavirus is unquestionably the biggest challenge we have ever had as a business, but we are sure with your support that we will be able to make it through this challenging time.

Thank you in advance for your generous support and loyalty!

The Eden Camp Family