The new Play Area has arrived!

Developments are still going on behind the scenes at Eden Camp!

Along with our brand-new website, we are proud to announce our Junior Play Area is complete, installed and ready to go!
We know sometimes the little ones can tire quickly, especially with the amount of information we have on site – that’s why we understand you may need something to rejuvenate them before moving on to the next exciting hut!

Our play areas are tailor made for all ages and can entertain whilst you stop for a picnic.
We have improved our junior play area with a variety of features to suit family fun in the sun once we re-open.
We have added a tunnel slide, specially designed to remain safe in all temperatures. We also have a net swing and a watch tower in true Eden Camp style.

On top of this, there is plenty of room surrounding picnic benches to spread out and enjoy a snack whilst watching the little ones play. It is all carefully enclosed in a sturdy picket fence for a safe and picturesque playtime!

We also provide several traditional lawn games during our high season such as marbles, skittles and hopscotch, and not forgetting our famous Music Hall!
Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is currently closed due to Covid-19 Restrictions but our activities are carrying on behind the scenes in preparation for when restrictions are lifted.
It is a fun day out for all ages, including the dog. You can find a fantastic article in the DogsFriendly.co.uk magazine about the adventures your four-legged friends can get up to!