The Heritage Culture Fund has opened up so many avenues for Eden Camp.

It has allowed us to do some essential maintenance on site and begin the process to digitise our archive to preserve the fantastic history we have within our museum for many years to come.

I was extremely lucky to have incredible management who offered me a full-time position here within our archive to head up the digital project thanks to this funding we have received! It will be the behind scenes tour of our museum we’ve all been waiting for, but online, so everyone will be able to see!

After finishing my Masters’ degree in Modern International History, I am going to put my skills into practice in the areas of preservation and the digitisation of our extended archive that will benefit future students and families looking for hidden artefacts for reference! The archive at Eden Camp helped me throughout both my Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees focusing on local history within the First World War. I believe it is important to share these artefacts with other students, families, and younger children! Just as it benefitted my studies, I would like to think that it would also encourage others in their studies, and possibly finding out information they never knew!

The archive has such an important part to play in the displays of the museum and being able to express these elements of education for future generations will be a fantastic way to unlock history and engage people of all ages online! Without the funding we have received we would never have been able to start this lengthy process.

I am extremely lucky to work at Eden Camp, especially after all, it has been my staple museum from being a child. Although, it really is the people who work here in every department that make the museum such an amazing place.

I’m so excited to start my journey working full time alongside some amazing colleagues, and preserving the history of those who sacrificed their lives for us to live today!