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Hut 1 – The rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party

Travel back in time to Bavaria and the birthplace of the Nazi Party. Peer into a typical Bavarian beer hall and listen to a broadcast of Hitler’s speeches.

Hut 2 – The Home Front

The Local Defence Volunteers, better known as the Home Guard have set up in their local church and Prime Minister Winston Churchill addresses the nation with one of his most famous speeches.

Hut 3 – The U-boat Menace

All aboard the German U-boat. Experience life under the waves in the dark, cramped and smelly belly of a German submarine under attack in the North Atlantic.

Hut 4 – Britain Prepares

Step back in time and see a motorcycle dispatch rider deliver her vital message to the local warden after negotiating the shattered streets.

Hut 5 – The Blitz

Experience the chaos and horror of a British town under attack from the air. Carefully make your way through the dark, smoke filled broken street where the stench of burning accompanies the sound of exploding bombs and buildings on fire.

Hut 6 – The Music Hall

Sing along in the daily puppet shows with the stars of the 1940s, including classics from George Formby and Vera Lynn. Original performances of ENSA shows played throughout the day.

Hut 7 – The Street at War

Take a stroll down memory lane and experience a typical 1940s street in the grips of war.

Hut 8 – Women at War

Meet the women of WW2 in their vital roles in the fight.

Hut 9 – RAF Bomb Disposal, Bomber Command & Escape Lines

The Royal Observer Corp carry out their work, spotting enemy aircraft while Bomber Command ground crew talk down a damaged Halifax bomber from their plotting room.

Hut 10 – The Prisoner of War 

Enter Hut 10 and step back in time to when Eden Camp was inhabited by Italian and German prisoners of war, where the prisoners are relaxing in their barracks after a hard day at work in the fields.

Hut 11 – World War One

Welcome to the trench. Negotiate your way across the duck boards of the muddy trench and experience what life was like for millions of soldiers on the battlefields of Belgium and France.

Hut 12 – The Green Howards

Hut 12 is home to a display on the Green Howards. It was put together by members of the 2nd Battalion Branch (including Stan Johnson, the founder of Eden Camp) of the Green Howards Association who served in Suez and Cyprus from 1952 – 1956.

Hut 13 – Post World war Two Conflicts

From Palestine to the Falklands and the Suez to Kosovo, this hut covers conflicts which British Commonwealth personnel have been involved in since the end of World War 2 and looks at National Service. 

Hut 18 – War News Reading Room

Read all about it… from the start to the end of the war, learn how events unfold from the front page headlines of daily newspapers from the time. Also view a collection of civilian and military radio equipment.

Hut 20 – Bevin Boys and the Auxiliary Fire Service

Time to head ‘down t’pit’ in the dark, cramped and dirty conditions with a couple of Bevin Boys. In the Fire Control Room, listen to the telephone exchange operator co-ordinate the rescue effort by directing fire and rescue units across a city under siege.

Hut 21 – Civil Defence

Peer through the smoke-filled darkness as the National Fire Service, with fire pump at the ready, attempt the rescue of a mother and baby from the upstairs window of a burning building in the aftermath of a raid.

Hut 22 – The Forces Tribute

Personal photos, stories, artefacts and uniforms from the everyday heroes of WW2 as well as Pathe News footage.

Hut 24 – 1919-1940

Learn about the events after WW1 that led Germany to war and see Hitler composing his book, Mein Kampf, from a cell in Landsberg prison.

Hut 25 – 1941

The war in North Africa rages in the desert and explore an interactive map of the world.

Hut 26 – 1942

Take your seat behind the rear gunner in a Halifax bomber under attack from night fighters over enemy territory. Get up close to a Bristol Hercules engine and a Rolls Royce Griffon engine, the powerplant of the mighty Spitfire.

Hut 27 1943

Welcome to ‘Save It’ street where the residents and businesses of a typical wartime British town have just about tidied up from the last air raid.

Hut 28 – 1944

Step back in time and witness the ‘Great Escape’, the daring mass breakout of Allied prisoners of war from Stalagluft III.

Hut 29 – 1945

Watch a trainee pilot as he undergoes training in the ‘Link Trainer’ flight simulator. Displays marking Victory in Europe and Japan and the aftermath of the war, including the horrors of the Holocaust.

Prefab and Dig For Victory Garden

Peer through the windows of an original, fully furnished prefab into a typical modern 1940s home.

Mess Hut 1 – Royal Naval Patrol Service

Learn about the important role played by the Royal Naval Patrol Service in the defence of the ‘narrow seas’ of Britain’s home waters.

Mess Hut 2 – Human Torpedoes

Inspired by the success of Italian attacks, the British developed their own version of the human torpedo, which they nicknamed the Chariot.

Mess Hut 3 – Admiral Birindelli

The Italian Navy pioneered the idea of human torpedoes in 1918 and continued to development them until their use by Decima Flottiglia MAS in WW2.

ECHR Workshops

Eden Camp Heritage Restorations: A growing collection of military and civilian vehicles from WW2 to the present day across the museum.

The Garage

A recreated 1940s garage that houses our 1937 Austin Big 7 motorcar and motorcycle.

Heritage Hall

Our brand new Heritage Hall is a fantastic building housing our collection of restored vehicles! It also doubles up as an amazing events space complete with bar and a massive mirror ball!

Operation Overview

On your way around the museum you’ll find an ‘Operation Overview’ box on each of our new display boards. They highlight the key points on the display, so if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing you can still get a quick summary of what it’s about.